History of the ride

2008 was a year that began with great sadness with the passing of our dear friend, Amy Meyer. Amy had a giving, loving spirit that left its mark on everyone who knew her. As her close friends we wanted to keep that giving/loving spirit alive. We chose to mix a little exercise, a lot of friends, much laughter, and philanthropy in one giant pot so we created what we now call, The Amy Meyer Memorial Bike Ride.

We chose a beautiful fall day in 2008 for our first ride. We used word of mouth and 50 of our closest friends joined us, successfully raising nearly $500. All of us had such great fun we decided to do it again the next year and it has become an annual event.

In the seven years of this ride we have gone from 50 riders in 2008 to just over 200 in 2014! From the $500 we raised in 2008 to just under $9,000 in 2014, we have successfully raised nearly $30,000 total.

The money donated has gone to various projects supporting families dealing with the difficulties of cancer, including the most recent, Chemo Care Project. However, the majority of the funds raised goes to a very worthy organization that Amy held near and dear to her heart, Gilda’s Club of the Quad Cities. Our little bike ride has purchased games, crafts, tool sets, a craft cabinet, etc. to fill a need that Gilda’s has suggested. Our ride has donated over $18, 000 for various bills and other necessities for Gilda’s. This ride also had direct correlation with Gilda’s opening an office right here in Muscatine. We’re sure Amy is proud of all of us and all of the supporters who come to this fun, charitable event. Thank you for all of the support!

The possibilities remain to be seen for future rides. We will continue to support Gilda’s Club and keep Amy’s dream of kindness and giving alive. Remembering Amy and her loving spirit will always be our #1 priority.